Drops 129,000 customers while cable continues slow growth. It's the same story it's been for several years. Growth is slow, running about 3%/year while household formation is about 1%. 5-10% use wireless data only. The wireless only fraction is increasing, especially among young latinos and blacks. The trend isn't strong enough to reduce wired subscribers, to my surprise.

AT&T and Verizon are abandoning landlines to ~30,000,000 homes in favor of wireless. Most of these homes haven't been seriously upgraded in 10 years.  AT&T lost 129,000 subs while comparably sized Time Warner Cable added 246,000. Verizon had a net gain of 2,000, with a rise in FiOS and a drop outside FiOS territory.

 DSL does amazingly well against cable so long as it's been upgraded in the last decade. In Canada, England and the ~AT&T U-Verse, fiber/DSL holds its own and sometimes wins.  

Time Warner, Charter and Frontier did somewhat better than average. Cablevision, Century-Qwest and Windstream did poorly. The data is from Bruce Leichtman, who has been accurate in the past. 

Broadband Internet Subscribers at End 
of 3Q 2015
Net Adds in 
3Q 2015
Cable Companies
Comcast 22,868,000 320,000
Time Warner Cable 13,016,000 246,000
Charter 5,441,000 147,000
Cablevision 2,784,000 3,000
Suddenlink 1,202,400 21,600
Mediacom 1,067,000 16,000
WOW (WideOpenWest) 712,300 (800)
Cable ONE 496,865 (171)
Other Major Private Cable Companies** 6,675,000 35,000
Total Top Cable 54,262,565 787,629
Telephone Companies
AT&T 15,832,000 (129,000)
Verizon 9,223,000 2,000
CenturyLink 6,071,000 (37,000)
Frontier^ 2,415,500 27,000
Windstream 1,109,600 (11,200)
FairPoint^^ 313,982 (1,338)
Cincinnati Bell 281,300 6,200
Total Top Telephone Companies 35,246,382 (143,338)
Total Broadband 89,508,947 644,291

Sources: The Companies and Leichtman Research Group, Inc. 


March 21

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