Dozen top speakers Sept 24 & 25. If you're on the Huawei favored customer list, they'll probably fly you to London and might still have some rooms in the Savoy, the $700/night conference hotel. If so, the butler will show you to your suite. 

   The rest of us will have to settle for the webcast, It will only be a fraction of the size of next month's BBWF, but the people speaking are choice. I may try to find a way to go next year.

Gavin Young of Vodafone, who has worked on DSL since 1993 or so.

Paul Berriman of PCCW, who faced competition from the world's first inexpensive gigabit service from HKBN and seems to have survived.

Peng Ye of Alibaba, about to become very rich in the IPO

Clive Selley, BT. Ask him why BT is falling behind Germany by not installing vectoring. 

Gianfranco Ciccarella of Telecom Italia, who's promised the Italian government they'd do cross-DSLAM vectoring but it doesn't work yet. 

Markus Reber of Swisscom, whose Fastweb subsidiary was supposed to be the beneficiary of that cross-DSLAM vectoring. Swisscom is itself rolling with vectoring, but they won't tell me the actual speeds. "Up to 100 megabits" could mean 3 or 6 megabits so is meaningless. 

Deutsche Telekom speaker to be announced. They've also told their regulator their vectored network will meet the EU "100 megabit" standard but almost certainly will not deliver 100 megabits to most of the homes. The German regulator expects DT to be about as truthful as the average politician so probably will do nothing.

Hon. Ed Vaizey MP, who will find a way to assert Britain is the European leader in just about everything. Politicians are like that. 

   and others you can see at

   Huawei is working with Steve Saunders' Light Reading on the event and the promotion at LR has been exemplary, thoughtful and accurate reporting. 


April 18

“My three biggest customers are marching to 7 and 5 nanometers.” Lip-Bu Tan. Moore’s Law ain’t dead yet.

Eric Xu, current Huawei Chairman, said consumers would find no “material difference between 4G & 5G.” Dozens of top engineers agree the "5G Revolution" is hokum, including  DT CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, FT/Orange SVP Arnaud Vamparys, and BT CEO Gavin Patterson.
     Politicians and marketers pushed b_______. What’s coming for 5-10 years is good for telco capacity but otherwise disappointing. Unfortunately. 
     On the other hand, mmWave & Massive MIMO are improving at a ferocious rate, advancing telco capacity enormously. Massive MIMO has made it practical to use 3.5 GHz frequencies, a second remarkable booster. The "5G Revolution" is dead; Long Live the real 5G and advanced wireless!
U.S. attacks on Huawei and ZTE look to be an historic disaster.

China’s logical response is to invest to become independent of the U.S. They already have $100B on the table for memory chips and are rumored to add another $100B. Huawei/HiSilicon already holds their own against Qualcomm and everyone else in the world. 
    Zeng Xuezhong of Spreadtrum, world #3 mobile chipmaker, confirms: China will “speed up the chip R&D investment that is self-controlled and self-researched. We must never forget to make it bigger and stronger.”
     U.S. warships patrolling China’s seas inspire security fears. So does Trump’s threat to a country on China’s border."Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, [for] fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before.”
     China would be stupid not to have domestic capacity just in case. The Chinese leadership is not stupid.
The year's best wireless conference is next week. Ted Rappaport, Sandeep Rangan and colleagues bring the world's best engineers to the Brooklyn 5G Conference Summit. This year, Paulraj, Onoe, Fettweis, Katabi, and their peers are coming. Do not miss the webcast, .

April 10

A special report: Who Are The Three Billion? The Color Of The Net Has Changed
1/3rd wireless only, 2/3rds in Global South, 75% not native English speakers.