Nyiragongos lava lake by Caitjeenk 23020% growth is common. Telefónica Spain has passed twenty million premises - over 70% - and continues at two million a year. Telefónica Brazil is going from seven million in 2018 to ten million in 2020. China has 328 million connected and added 5M in the month of June. AT&T on July 26 announced 5M more in the next 12 months. Fiber is now a proven moneymaker, bringing new customers every quarter.

What's going on? We're doing the edits on a report for the clients of STL Partners. The working title is Fiber to the Home near-explosive growth. I use the strategies of 15 major companies to frame the analysis. 

Credit Suisse believes that for an incumbent, “The cost of building fibre is less than the cost of not building fibre.”

I was amazed at what I found, from Brazil to Italy to Canada. Even the most reluctant carriers are now building, including Deutsche Telekom and British Telecom. BT Openreach CTO Peter Bell in 2015 said FTTH was “impossible” for Britain because it was too expensive. Now, BT is hiring 3,500 engineers to connect three million premises.

Telus CEO Entwistle explains, "We see churn rate on fiber that are 25% lower than copper. And that's encouraging, 35% lower in HSIA and 15% lower on TV, 25% lower on average. We're seeing a reduction in repair volumes to the tune of 40%. We're seeing a nice improvement in revenue per home of close to 10%,"